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"Heart-centered leadership means having a steel backbone to get work done and a soft heart to ensure you are treating people with care and respect along the way."

-from Steel Backbone, Soft Heart

What people are saying about the book...


"Cheryl DeSantis has written a must-read primer for anyone wanting to take their leadership to the next level…Steel Backbone, Soft Heart shares  Cheryl’s personal journey that has honed her transparent, real and transformative style of leadership - Read this book! - and learn from one of the best on how to be the type of person that leads authentically, creates immense loyalty and leaves a lasting legacy."

Chris Hamilton


President and CEO, Red Collar Pet Foods and Founder, Borealis Partners, LLC.


"Today more than ever we need leaders who are willing to model what success can look like when they lead from the heart. It takes grit to be a leader but it takes heart to elevate those around you. Steel Backbone Soft Heart shows why these two powerful traits are critical for visionary leadership."

Judy Wilkins-Smith


Author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint

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“Cheryl has consistently leant into her personal and professional growth while courageously navigating complex systems and people over the years. She is committed to leading and living from her heart (wisdom) and many people and businesses have benefitted from her leadership and approach to life. This book gives you practical tips and exercises to find your own heart-centered path.”

Helen-Jane Nelson

Founder & CEO, Cecara Consulting Ltd


More About Cheryl

Cheryl is an author, speaker, and Chief People & Diversity Officer at SmileDirectClub.


Her mission is to guide business owners and CEOs to develop heart-centered leadership in their business.

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