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Ignite your events with dynamic thoughts

I truly enjoy when I have the opportunity to share ideas with people. Whether it is a keynote, podcast or conference topic, I like to speak on these key topics:

Leading with
Empathy and Action

Learn how to balance a drive for results and accountability with a heart-centered approach.

How Your Emotional Why Drives Front Line Workers to Higher Productivity

Get more from your teams by exploring and defining your emotional why. If you can connect that to the mission and purpose of your business, you will see the connection to productivity thrive.

How Courage, Vulnerability & Belonging Drive Retention & Engagement

Being seen, heard and valued are among the top aspects human beings need. Culture, wellbeing and work-life balance are a must for attraction, retention and engagement. Learn how to embed this in your culture.

Your Personal Story is Your Leadership Story

Explore who you are and embrace the hills and valleys of your life to define a powerful leadership story and brand.

10 Principles to Heart-Centered Leadership

Learn about the 10 principles and how to put them into practice.


The Great Reshuffle
Is Really About
Culture & Purpose

Stop chasing money, if you want a real retention program, focus on the aspects of your culture and purpose that are meaningful to today’s workforce. I will provide these insights and tips to strengthen your culture. ​

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"Steel Backbone, Soft Heart"
by Cheryl DeSantis

How Heart-Centered Leadership Changes The Way You Live, Love & Lead


Coming in Septeber 2022

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