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“Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”
-Joseph Campbell


Hi, I’m Cheryl. I love this quote – it has been one I’ve leaned on many times in my life  because I have stumbled a lot in my life, and these words remind me to find the good in it. My inspiration to write this book came from a very large stumble. Last year, I went through a traumatic death of my partner. And in this moment I had to decide if I would thrive or shut down. In my healing, I found a calling to write about my experiences. I had always wanted to share my views on heart-centered leadership, whether it is for work, love or life and this deep loss inspired me to have the courage to proceed.


I’m a mother of three daughters and two dogs. We live in Nashville, TN. My background is a tapestry of blended family ties. I was adopted at birth, had divorced parents who both remarried which gave me a big family full of brothers. I’m also a writer, speaker, and executive. I wrote this book on leadership with the fundamental belief that we can all be leaders, whether it is at work, home, school or in relationships. And we thrive when we lead from the heart. 


My day job is the Chief People & Diversity Officer at SmileDirectClub, a business that helps transforms lives through the power of a smile. Here I have the pleasure of speaking about many things I’m passionate about: inclusion, diversity and belonging, believing that an environment based on empathy, compassion and enabling all to bring their full selves to work, home or our relationships will bring a more fulfilling life. I also write frequently about overcoming adversity, courageous leadership, the power of vulnerability and leading life from your heart through my Linkedin page.

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