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Steel Backbone, Soft Heart

In Steel Backbone, Soft Heart, Chief People and Diversity Officer at SmileDirectClub, Cheryl DeSantis, debunks the myth that you must be detached and unfeeling to be an effective leader. With ten essential principles of heart-centered leadership, DeSantis helps business executives and managers champion and value the person first, over profit or production.


Weaving in stories of her personal and professional accomplishments and struggles, DeSantis challenges leaders to practice heart-centered leadership in every aspect of their lives, so that they can:

- Unlock talent and identify team members’ unique value

- Retain team members and cultivate a culture of loyalty

- Encourage productivity and effectiveness


Steel Backbone, Soft Heart isn’t a conversation about soft skills versus hard skills; it’s about utilizing both to be a great leader and build a great team. You must be strong and capable yet open and full of heart. Steel backbone, soft heart. That is the winning combination, and we need more of it in corporate America.

Steel Backbone, Soft Heart

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